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  • January 31, 2022
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Successful singer is a term that every aspiring singer wants to be known as. However, only the path of hard work, dedication and opportunity are not enough to curve one. Success comes to the ones, who learn singing decently than just a normal Riyaaz.

The following five factors are quite essential for any singer who seeks to be their best selves. A pinch of dedication when mixed well with some warm discipline brews an ex factor, the cherry on top of a cake that makes all the difference!

  1. START WITH ABC – Always Be Constructive

Self criticality is a tool of self growth till it is balanced well otherwise can be pretty destructive. You should never beat yourself up about any incident. Always consider a more constructive way to move forward and that one step is all that matters for ABC! Sit back, relax and introspect about the past to understand how to move ahead with grace. Wasting time on competing with others can become quite detrimental for the mental health, which in turn can make it difficult for the singer! Instead, understanding how you have grown can only show the way ahead for your journey. There is no competition, as everyone is completely unique and success comes to those who focus on creating their authentic selves. Finding faults are easy but focusing on strengths can completely transform your voice for the best.

2. Find your own voice and work on its clarity

It is important for a singer to own their unique differentiating voice. Everyone is blessed with their unique vocal tone and you need to find that perfect fit for the tunes, tones and scale. Many singers add up to different techniques such as falsetto, yodeling, riffing for that unique touch but you can carve your own signature tone! However, before getting there, always make the basics right.

The basics of your voice can only be modulated when your voice is clear. Otherwise, experimenting with a broken voice can completely ruin them. Therefore, achieving vocal clarity is much more important than etching a personal touch with an experiment. A healthy clear voice is the first step to a healthy singing. Stir your vocal cords clear from unwanted breathing patterns. Rest and hydrate for better performance.

3. Mind your breath

Controlling your breathing pattern is the most important tool of self command.

You can sing a particular song by controlling your breath. Start yourself by taking deep and relaxed breaths. Many find Pranayama extremely helpful in systematizing the breathing pattern. These habits should be developed over time and fit into the lifestyle.

4. Confidence

Sometimes, what confidence does, only your talent can’t! While you are building your singing sensations, you should also show some love towards crafting your confidence. In this competitive scenario, confidence speaks a thousand emotions that talent can’t express in a thousand words. When you are at peace with your craft, you gain your bit of confidence. Growing that helps you to grow as a singer. If Rome was not built in a day, so does a successful singer!

5. Riyaaz the way!

Last but never the least, music practice a day keeps a bad voice away! Riyaaz, a term coined by the Indian singers is synonymous to dedicated music practice and is helpful in modulating the notes properly.

Regular practicing is the only key for aspiring singers. Though more than quantitative rehearsal, qualitative practice is way more efficient. The wrong and excessive practicing tends to wear out the chords and strain them for a long time.

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