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KKALA Live Classroom Sessions Hindustani Classical

If you ever dreamt of learning Hindustani Classical Music the traditional way but did not have access to the right Guru then look no further! At KKALA we blend traditional wisdom with modern technology to facilitate a seamless classroom experience.

Classroom sessions are all about interaction between teachers and students. Using our custom built learning management system, each session would replicate and enhance the learning experience with multimedia examples, 24x7 access to ebooks and past class recordings for anytime revisions.

Assignments & Assessments

It is our aim at KKALA to ensure that we maintain quality by ensuring students progress through the course and true learning takes shape. While in the course, students will have the opportunity to take up and submit in class assignments that will give them an idea of their progress. Furthermore they will be required to take up a final assessment at the end of the course which will evaluate their understanding of both the theory and practical aspects of the course.


The ebook forms the centrepiece of our classroom sessions and is curated keeping in mind the learning needs of our students. The ebook forms a part of the screen during each session offering text, images, audio and video examples to complement the classroom experience. Complex topics are again reinforced through learning videos embedded in the ebook which students can access 24/7 during the entirety of the course.

Learning Management System

Our robust learning management system has been built to deliver high quality video and audio streaming to ensure each student gets the right amount of attention and time from the Guru along with access to a detailed course ebook replete with practical exercises and learning nuggets.

Recorded Sessions

Each interactive class is recorded and made available for the student through the extent of the course. The student can revisit the classroom sessions at any later date to better understand and revise concepts taught during the sessions. Students can catch up on missed sessions by simply logging in and viewing their missed class through these recorded sessions.

  • Hand picked &
    experienced faculty
  • Structured
  • Realtime
    Live classroom
  • Unrestricted access
    to in class recordings
  • Periodic progress mapping
    through assessments