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Return & Refund Policy

We thank you for registering / enrolling with/at https://KKALA.in (“KKALA”). While we appreciate your association with us, we do understand that there may be certain concerns related to cessation of your continuation with us on our musical journey / association. To enable your smooth exit/ transition, we hereby lay down / share the “Return and Refund Policy” for better understanding and acceptance of enrollments and learners of our services.

  • • KKALA will collect the Course Fees from applicants by available payment mode on our website/ web application/any other approved mode from time to time. There may be payment offers, under which enrolment is approved. The enrollment shall be governed by “Rights reserved by KKALA to admission/ enroll” and the enrolment shall be considered to be successfully accepted upon and on payments received on actual basis to the credit of KKALA bank account.
  • • You (The student/ enrollment doer, service availed) agree that KKALA through its website or Web Application or through any other approved mode would raise system generated invoice/receipt in relation to the Course for which the applicant has enrolled or in relation purchase of any services or to any kind of payment done, as per applicable laws. KKALA will raise invoice/receipt for the above which shall be inclusive of applicable Taxes.
  • • You as an applicant agree to pay the Course Fees for any enrolment requested and/or services availed as may be demanded by KKALA. KKALA will collect the Course Fees pursuant to the Payments Terms. The payment shall be 100% in advance; there shall be no acceptance to the part payment. KKALA shall not be responsible for any error during payment process and/ or by any 3rd party vendors involved in payment process like payment gateways etc
  • • KKALA agrees that no refund of the course fees will be permitted once the classes / sessions have commenced. However, the refund shall be in accordance with the cancellation policy reflected in the relevant Listing here under i.e. (i) permit the student/enrollment doer/service availed to cancel the enrolment and (ii) refund to that portion of the Course Fees specified in the cancellation policy here below. In case relevant Listing does not have a specified cancellation policy, there shall be no refund, except the ones as mentioned in the listing below.
  • • If the refund is requested for any Course, we (KKALA Management) will either pre-approve, confirm or reject the refund request within a period of 7 days from the date of request for refund (‘Refund Request Period’). If no response is received from us, the refund request will be deemed automatically as expired.
  • • Refund Policy Listings:
    • o Refund for Guru based Course will be processed as per the conditions mentioned below:
      •  100% refund of course fee will be made in case the refund request has been submitted before 1 week from the course start date.
      •  30% refund of course fee will be made in case the refund request has been submitted within 1 week from the course start date
      •  No refund of course fee will be made in case the refund request has been submitted post the course start date.
    • o Refund for Hindi Film (Bollywood) Music Songs
      •  There shall be no refund under this category; however, KKALA may consider the refund at its sole discretion and under specific circumstance only. Purchaser may apply for refund, not more than 24 hours from the purchase date and time, failure to which there shall be no chances for consideration of refund decisions. The purchaser applying for refund within 24 hours from the time of purchase, may avail partial / complete refund at the sole and exclusive discretion of KKALA and no dispute shall be entertained with regards to non-refund/partial refund under this category.
  • • Unless specified at the time of offer, there shall be no refund on the purchases made under any offer (that may be made available by management from time to time) whether on the payment terms / card user and/or otherwise;
  • • There shall be a cancellation fees levied upon each cancellation / refund request and the refund amount shall be subject to such cancellation fees. Such cancellation fees shall be at least the amount of the registration fees as may be received by KKALA at the time of enrolment time.
  • • Refund Request’s Inspection
    • o Post the receipt of the cancellation / refund request, KKALA reserves the right to inspect the cancellation request and the authenticity/acceptability of the reasons thereof.
    • o If your cancelation request is approved, KKALA will initiate a refund according to the original mode of payment.
    • o Post approval, KKALA shall take a minimum time of 10 working days to process the same internally.
    • o You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your bank/card issuer's policies.
  • • Limitation of Liability:
    • o If We at KKALA cancel a confirmed enrolment made via the Site, Services, and Application, for any disciplinarian reasons and/ or otherwise, KKALA shall refund the same in accordance to the refund amount as may be applicable as per refund policy mentioned above. Under any case, the refund liability and the associated costs thereof upon KKALA shall not exceed the total amount paid by the student.
  • • Taxes:
    • o You understand and acknowledge that appropriate governmental agencies, departments or authorities (the "Tax Authority") where our office or residence is located may require Taxes to be collected from the student/enrollment doer/service availer on the amount paid for the Course and to be remitted to the respective Tax Authority. The laws in jurisdictions may vary, but these Taxes may be required to be collected and remitted as a percentage of the Course Fees set by KKALA. It may be noted that the tax amount as may be collected from applicant/ enrolment, shall not be refunded under any circumstances as they are either paid or subject to be paid to appropriate tax authority. You understand that the tax amount is not under ownership of KKALA and hence are not subject to refund. However, the refund of tax amount shall be considered if allowed as per the applicable tax laws.
  • • Sole and exclusive decision of KKALA will be final and binding for any aspect not covered under the return & refund policy.
  • • Grievance Redressal for Refund:

If you have any concerns / questions related to refund/ return, feel free to write to us:

Email id: support@KKALA.in
Postal Address: 172, Aram Nagar Part - 2, Versova Road, Near Gurudwara, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400061