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Spiritual and Sufi Music - Amir Khusro

This course is about one of the greatest Sufi saints Amir Khusro where students begin their learning with one of his most popular works based in Raag Khamaj. Thereafter, they are also exposed to the concept of raag system of classical music and learn another composition by Amir Khusro based on a different raag followed by a tarana. At the end of this course, the student will be required to go through an assessment and receive a completion certificate from KKALA for this level.

Course Duration Total Session Session Duration Course Fees
3 Months 12 1 Hour $ 0 Buy Now
Course Inclusions
  • Step by step guidance from their course instructor
  • Access to course ebook with carefully curated notations
  • Reference videos for concepts taught in class
  • Class recordings for review and practice
Course Prerequisite
Anyone above the age of 7, who is eager and passionate to learn. - An existing KKALA student who has completed ‘Spiritual and Sufi Music - Foundation’ OR - New students that have taken and cleared the pre assessment test defined for this level.
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